badge Becoming an Authenticated Member

Being an authenticated member tells customers that you run a fair and reliable business. Authenticated members are more trusted than non-authenticated members. The more information you provide about you and your business, the higher you are ranked on our searches which leads to earning our Authenticated Badge.authenticated

How to earn the authenticated badge?

To become an authenticated member you simply need to have a minimum of 6 of the following 10 activities:
  • Business description has more than 100 characters.
  • Business logo is uploaded.
  • Business has an existing website.
  • Registered email address matches the website address.
  • Your IP address registered matches the country selected during registration.
  • Mobile number is verified using SMS verification code.
  • Skype ID inserted.
  • One supporting document uploaded such as: ISO, industry certifications, etc.
  • At least one product is uploaded.
  • Upgrade your membership to Premium Membership.