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Business Introduction

Good day. sir and madam !

This is Shinwoo materials co. ltd Mr. Dong Ho, Jeong inquired from South korea.

We are very pleased to know your company. We got your contact information from your website.
We are an special No.1 exporters and importers of Stainless Steel Scrap (STS(SUS)300, STS(SUS)400 glade),magnesium scrap recycling, zinc bar,copper cable scrap) recycling factory in Korea.
and our main purchaser is POSCO (No.1 korea iron and steel company) and Posco special steel co. Ltd and oth
er enterprise listed on the stock exchange.
Now, as following our exclusive supplier status, we want to imported from your country such as nickel, copper cathode, chromite, zinc and lead scrap and ingot for making alloy steel.

If you have any information and connection with above item's factory and company and brokerage, kindly let us know. we can reward you.
it's very hard to find the real supplier in your country now.
please understand and I'm really to deal in with your country mining company and metal scrap (HMS 1&2) company.

and now we want to import HMS 1& 2 METAL SCARP from kazakhstan and uzbekistan. If you know the real supplier there, pls introduce us.
and pls notice our dealing sample of stainless scrap in attached files.

Thanks and wish to relate your company and we want chartering with your company.

Advise us of your best bid promptly!!

Thanks and our company in korea will be glad to your visiting anytime.

Best regards

--- DONG HO, JEONG / Deputy General Manager
P.S. --- Our contact information as below ;
Tel. : 82 51 831 7400
Fax. : 82 51 831 7405
Cell-phone : 82 10 9383 5707
E-mail : [email protected]
MSN Messenger : [email protected]
Web-site :
SKYPE ID : metaljeong

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