Optimum Global Scrapmetal And Refined Sunflower Oi

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Business Introduction

A brief and short history about our company profile.We stay competitive in the METAL SCRAP & USED RAILS Industry with Market. Our collection of reports provides comprehensive insight into product trends and new market segments, creating a broad industry overview for Non-Ferrous metal product, Metallurgy Machinery and Iron & Steel. Firstly note that these is a public limited liability company with five branches of companies with yard and the management can make your supply every month, secondly inspections of yard is allowed to the company after all observations of the company policy and government restriction and protocols as been accepted by your buyers or your company, thirdly inspections by SGS 0r CCIC Certificate will be issued. Note that we are direct seller of, Metal scrap of Hms 1&2, Used Rails, Sts Scrap & Batteries, Aluminum, Copper, and natural product supplying firm in Spain. We are associated and afflicted to most major metal or scrap manipulator in the country. The company trade in atmosphere that is transparent and flexible, finding individual solution to particular situation. We have the resources to supply your market need, and its our objective to utilize every means to find solution to your market needs. We are open to third party brokerage and sell directly from our principal production plant and takes absolute responsibilities of all sourcing, processing transportation, insurance and taxation involved in the transaction and guaranty timely supply, and according to our guaranteed specification.

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