Good Offer For Wire Drawing Dies From China

Business Introduction


Transmo Wire Dies is one of the biggest semi-finished and finished die manufacturing company,based on south of China, which produces natural diamond die, nature diamond tinning die, polycrystalline diamond dies (PCD Dies) ,tungsten carbide dies.which is available in all shapes and widly used for drawing process for all wire materials, such as copper, aluminum and steel and so so.

We manufacture Round dies,Square dies,Rectangular dies,Hexagonal dies,Triangle dies,Compactin
g or Bunch dies,Extrusion tips and dies for wire and cable industry very well.

The Conoptica Quality System control good geometry profile for each die.

Transmo Wire dies is a well established producer of wire drawing dies since 1982.After continuous improvement for more than 20 years,Transmo Wire Dies have became a professional wire dies manufacturing and service company.

The range of size is 0.010mm-24mm.

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