Enameled Aluminum Wire

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Business Introduction

The main products of LP Industries are: round (flat) enamelled copper wire, round (flat) enamelled aluminium wire, acetal wire, round (flat) aluminium wire wrapped with telephone wire paper, round (flat) copper wire wrapped with telephone wire paper, round (flat) copper aluminium wire wrapped with glass fibre, film wrapped wire, enamelled aluminium wire, Dupont paper wrapped wire, aluminium oxide film wire, f46 synthetic electromagnetic wire, etc.

Since its establishment, the company has been
engaged in the research, development and production of enamelled and clad electromagnetic wires. All of our products adopt IEC, GB, JIS, NEMA and other manufacturing standards and are widely used in the manufacture of electric motors, transformers, welding machines for household appliances, special motors for refrigeration compressors, high frequency transformers and electronic and electrical products.

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