Copper wire scrap &Used Rail(not Cut)

Soft Offer Of Thecopper Cathode(99.97%Min) Of

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US $3,600.00 / MT
10,000.00 MT
China Port

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CopperHere is ICPO  draft  of  Copper  wire  scrap  as  below:
1.Qty:  10KMT  and  20KMT  per  month  X12month  x  5  years
2.Target Price:  3600USD  per  MT  CIF  China  Port
3.Payment  terms:  TT  at  China  Port
4.Seller  send  the Copy  of  AQSIQ  and  past  Proof  of  BLs  and  Inspection  with
5.Contact  E  mail:  [email protected]

Here is ICPO  draft  of  used rail(not Cut)  as  below:
1.Qty:  600KMT  per  month  X12month  x  5  years
2.Target Price:  190USD  per  MT  CIF  China  Port  included  20USD  per  MT  of  buyer  side  commission
3.Payment  terms:  TT  at  China  Port
4.Seller  send  the Copy  of  AQSIQ  and  past  Proof  of  BLs  and  Inspection   and  NCNDA+IMFPA  signed  by  the  seller  first  then  buyer  will  send  the  ICPO  with  Bank  inform  for   Contract  Draft  
5.Contact  E  mail:  [email protected]

2020.  07.23
from  Koh/YB  ChemT

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We have offers of the Copper cathode to meet your below inquiry Quality: Non-LME Copper Cathode, Grade A, CU 99...
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