Ultrafine Copper Powder 99.9993%

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  • Ultrafine Copper Powder 99.9993%0
  • Ultrafine Copper Powder 99.9993%1
  • Ultrafine Copper Powder 99.9993%2
  • Ultrafine Copper Powder 99.9993%3
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40.00 KG
2KG containers packed in cases. 20 containers per case
1 day(s).

Product Details

Available for Immediate Shipment

Ultrafine Copper Powder

99.9993% Copper Based on sum of metallic impurities according to TU 1793-
Particle is dendritic

Particle size average <38.9 µm

Minimum Order 40Kg

Larger quantities available if requested in lots of 40Kg

$135USD per gram

Price per gram dependent on amount purchased

Please send an inquiry for pricing specific to your needs

FOB origin (Middle East)

arger shipment(s) may be moved in tranches

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