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Manufacturing process of tungsten filament:

Tungsten filament is the further product of tungsten wire. It also has the process of heating, forging and straightening into the thin filament.

Tungsten filament applications:
Tungsten filament is mainly used in the high color temperature bulb and shockproof lamp business. When the power level is sufficient to raise the temperature to above 1000f degrees Kelvin, visible light is p
roduced. Besides tungsten filament bulb , it is also used in scanning electron microscopy.

Properties of tungsten filament:
Tungsten filament is characterized by high melting point, low vapor pressure. In addition, it is quite sturdy and provides stable and uniform electron emission, therefore, tungsten filament is suited for manufacturing lamps. Its surface is smooth and has compact crystal structure.

Specifications of tungsten filament:
Type Purity of tungsten   tungsten wire applications
WAL1 >=99.92% T double-screwy filament.filament for hihg colour temperature lamp and shockproof lamp,etc.
L filament for incandescent lamp.cathode for emitting tube.high temperature electrodes.tungsten wire in twisted.etc.
W folded-heater for electronic tube,etc.
WAL2 >=99.92% T filament for fluorescent lamp,etc.
L heater for electronic tube.filament for incandescent lamp.tungsten wire in twisted,etc
W folded-heater,grid and cathode for electronic tube,etc.
WAL3 >=99.92% L filament for normal lamp.spring wire for semicondutor,etc.
W1 >=99.95%   tungsten wire in twisted and heating parts,etc.
W2 >=99.92%   grid siderod for electron tube.tungsten wire in twisted,etc.
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