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Manufacturing process of tungsten electrode:
22 years specialized in dealing refractory metals, we have comprehensive production line.
Tungsten electrode is produced through isostatic pressing, sintering, rolling, forging and further process for tungsten alloy electrodes.

Tungsten electrode applications:
Tungsten electrode can be used as thermal electron emission material. It also can be applied for inert gas protection
arc welding, furnace melting. Besides pure tungsten electrode, we also produce other tungsten alloy electrode, such as yttrium tungsten electrode, cerium tungsten electrode, lanthanum tungsten electrode, thorium tungsten electrode and zirconium tungsten electrode, and they all have their specific application.

Properties of tungsten electrode:
Tungsten electrode features high melting point, strong electron emission capacity, high elastic modulus and low vapor pressure. In addition, for the specific tungsten alloy electrode, take thorium tungsten electrode as an example, it has the advantages of high crystallization temperature, good electronic conductivity and better property of mechanical cutting.
Specifications of tungsten electrode:
Type compositions colors
added oxide% substances substances% tungsten%
W     <0.20 99.8 green
WT4 0.35--0.55 THO2 <0.20 remaining blue
WT10 0.8--1.20 THO2 <0.20 remaining yellow
WT20 1.70--2.20 THO2 <0.20 remaining red
WT30 2.80--3.20 THO2 <0.20 remaining violet
WT40 3.80--4.20 THO2 <0.20 remaining orange
WZ3 0.15--0.50 ZrO2 <0.20 remaining brown
WZ8 0.70--0.90 ZrO2 <0.20 remaining white
WL10 0.90--1.20 LaO2 <0.20 remaining black
WC20 1.80--2.20 CeO2 <0.20 remaining grey
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