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Dear Sir,
good day!
We buy copper Cu,lead Pb,Gold Au,Silver Ag,Nickel Ni,Tungsten W,Molybdenum Mo,Cobalt Co,Tin Sn bearing
ore,concentrate,residue,scrap material in long term,details as following:
copper Cu sludge,copper Cu slag,copper Cu ore concentrate,copper Cu spent catalyst,copper Cu ash Cu%>6%
lead Pb sludge,lead Pb slag,lead Pb ash,lead Pb ore,lead Pb concentrate Pb%>15%
Zinc Zn ash,Zinc Zn ore,Zinc Zn concentrate,Zinc Zn slag Zn%>20%
Gold Au ore,Gold Au concentrate,Gold A
u sludge,Gold Au residue Au>10PPM
Silver Ag ore,Silver Ag concentrate,Silver Ag sludge,Silver Ag residue Ag>500PPM
Molybdenum Mo spent catalyst,Moly Mo residue,Moly Mo ore concentrate Mo%>6%
Tungsten W spent catalyst,Tungsten W residue scrap,Tungsten W ore concentrate W%>6%
Nickel Ni sludge, Nickel Ni spent catalyst,Nickel Ni Tin Sn ball bead pearl scrap Ni%>6%
Tin Nickel bead,Sn Ni ball,Nickel Tin NiSn alloy scrap,Tin Sn slag,Tin Sn scrap Sn%>6%
Cobalt Co spent catalyst,Cobalt Co slag,Cobalt co scrap,Cobalt alloy scrap Co%>6%
We can accept western union or money gram payment terms as you choose. we need bulk quantity per month,we can take 200-1000 MT as a
trial,later we can take 2000-5000 metric ton per month.If you have these cargo in stock.please send me details by the
following ways:

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The steel making industry is the bedrock underpinning all other industries. Based on leading-edge technology, POSCO E&C ...
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