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Screwtech stepper motors have a good microstep capability with high step angle accuracy and cover a wide range from the smallest NEMA 8 series with 2.5 oz. inches of torque, to the largest NEMA 42 series with up to 5,700 oz. inches of torque! High-Torque Stepper Motor has a 1.8-degree step angle as standard, yet other step angles are available. Other options available are special stepper motor windings, shaft modifications, as well as cable, connector, encoder, brake, and gearbox adders.
ech offers a full range of linear actuators from size 8 to size 23 in a wide range of force outputs. The various patent pending designs deliver high performance, opening avenues for equipment designers who require performance and endurance in a very small package. Three designs are available, captive, non-captive and external linear versions. All stepper motor linear actuators can be customized for application specific needs.

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Screwtech designs, manufactures, supplies a complete selection of inch and metric linear mechanical parts and systems to...
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