Stainless Steel U Channel Tube

Foshan Apex stainless Steel Company limited

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10.00 MT
15 day(s).

Product Details

Art Nr.ØB(Wide)H(High)D(Thickness)
U Channel Tube Double

T2 (42.4-21) 42.4mm 21mm 21mm 1.5mm
T2 (42.4-24) 42.4mm 24mm 24mm 1.5mm
T2 (48.3) 48.3mm 27mm 30mm 1.5mm
T2 (50.8-15-15) 50.8mm 15mm 15mm 1.5mm
T2 (50.8-20-20) 50.8mm 20mm 20mm 1.5mm
T2 (50.8-20-30) 50.8mm 20mm 30mm 1.5mm
T2 (50.8-20-40) 50.8mm 20mm 40mm 1.5mm
T2 (60.3-20-20) 60.3mm 20mm 20mm 1.5mm
T2 (60.3-20-30) 60.3mm 20mm 30mm 1.5mm


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Business Details

Foshan Apex stainless steel co.,ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of stainless steel products in Fos...
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