Sell Offer:Cheap Nickel Wire 0.025mm Np-2 for Sale

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  • Sell Offer:Cheap Nickel Wire 0.025mm Np-2 for Sale0
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EUR €25,000.00 / KG
10.00 KG
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3 day(s).

Product Details

We offer on a regular wholesale basis the Nickel Wire 0.025 DKRNT NP1/NP2 at manufacturer's prices .
The purity of offered Nickel Wires 0.025 NP-1 and NP-2 is following:
NP-2: 99.81%-99.86%.
NP-1: 99.90%-99.98%
Our nickel wires can be supplied from the manufacturer warehouse in Russia or from Germany-Goslar (IGAS Research). The goods are furnished with all necessary documentation. We offer an unbeatable prices for Nickel Wire 0.025mm of the both types NP-1 and NP-2. The prices are starti
ng from 25.000 EUR per 1kg of NP-2 and 60.000 EUR per 1 kg of NP-1.
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