Nickel Alloy Pipe GH2132, GH3030, GH3039 Tubes

Ark Steel Tube

  • Nickel Alloy Pipe GH2132, GH3030, GH3039 Tubes0
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1.00 KG
40 day(s).

Product Details

Standard: ASTM B163, B 622, B 167, B 829, B 444, B 983,B 729,B 407,B 423,B 165

Hastelloy Series: Hastelloy B(UNS N10001), Hastelloy B-2(UNS N10665), Hastelloy B-3(UNS N10675), Hastelloy C-4(UNS N06455), Hastelloy C-22(UNS N06022), Hastelloy C-276(UNS N10276), Hastelloy C-2000(UNS N06200), Hastelloy G-30(UNS N06030), Hastelloy G-35(UNS N06035).

Haynes Series: Haynes 230(UNS N06230), Haynes 556(UNS R30556).

Inconel Series: Inconel 600(UNS N06600), Inconel 601(UNS N06601), Inconel 617(UNS
N06617), Inconel 625(UNS N06625), Inconel 690(UNS N06690), Inconel 718(UNS N07718).

Incoloy Series: Incoloy 020(UNS N08020), Incoloy 800(UNS N08800), Incoloy 800H(UNS N08810), Incoloy 800HT(UNS N08811), Incoloy 825(UNS N08825), Incoloy 925(UNS N09925).

Monel Series: Monel 400(UNS N04400).

Nickel Series: Nickel 200(UNS N02200), Nickel 201(UNS N02201).

High Temperature Alloys: GH2132,GH3030,GH3039,GH3128,GH3044,GH4080A

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Business Details

Ark Steel Tube is a leading manufacturer and supplier of steel tube products, KWK STEEL is the subsidiary of Ark with ov...
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