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Manufacturing process of molybdenum disk:
Sanhui adopts molybdenum billet rolling method to produce molybdenum disk . There are sintered and ram compression molybdenum disk. The manufacturing process is as follows: two times of hot rolling, heating, coarse grinding, annealing, molybdenum machining , surface treatment to finish molybdenum disk production.
Molybdenum disk applications:
Molybdenum disk is suitable to be used in elec
tric power semiconduction devices, electric vacuum devices, contactor materials for vacuum, circuit breaker and fusions of thyristor.
Properties of molybdenum disk:
Molybdenum disk has bright surface, low thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal electric conductivity, high temperature resistance and good compressive strength.
Specifications of molybdenum disk:
specification main property
diameter(mm) thickness(mm) density(g/cm3) hardness conductivity(%)(IACS)
20-300 2-20 >=9.8 >=150 <=6.63*10-6
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