Medical Titanium Sheet for Fixation of Fracture


  • Medical Titanium Sheet for Fixation of Fracture0
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Titanium is a chemical element, chemical symbol Ti and atomic number 22, in the chemical elements of periodic table is located in the fourth period, the first IVB clan. Titanium is a silvery white Transition metal , light weight, high strength, with a metallic luster, wet chlorine corrosion...

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AONE钛金属致力于为客户提供用于医疗应用的高性能金属,例如牙科和整形外科植入物,脊柱固定骨螺钉,钛制棒,片,板,线,管,管,紧固件,配件等中的外伤板。 AONE已获得广泛的OEM和分包商批准,SGS ISO 9001:2015认证可确保对...
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