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Specifications: we can supply vacuum annealed tungsten and molybdenum in foil, sheet or plate with thickness from 0.05 to 35mm
Molybdenum discs are widely used as contact materials in diodes of silicon controlled rectifiers, transistors and thyristors
Further applications include using molybdenum discs as heat sink bases in IC'S, LSI'S and hybrid circuits
Molybdenum discs are widely used in vacuum switches as contact terminals
Molybdenum discs are also applied in produc
ing heating sintering trays, sintering boats, base plates, supporting disk for crucibles in electronic and vacuum applications
Used as sputtering targets
Molybdenum rolled disc has similar low thermal expansion to silicon
Also has high thermal conductivity, which makes it an ideal choice in large power devices
Density of molybdenum discs can be up to 10g/cm3, purity 99.95%
Organization structure is homogeneous and grain is fine
Molybdenum discs from chemical is under vacuum annealing and leveling before delivery
Our molybdenum discs are approved by ASTM B386-2003 and GB 3876-2007 and GB 3877-2006
We can produce many varieties of tungsten and molybdenum parts for single crystal growing process with best properties
W crucibles/Mo crucibles/customized crucibles/lids/dies/heating shield/pure tungsten
Tungsten ring, boat, crucibles, funnels, barrel, molybdenum tubes, tungsten disk
If you are interest in our products,Feel free to contact us:symteals.eve(at)

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Manufacturer supply the Tungsten Crucibles, Tungsten products, Titanium ingots, Molybdenum Plates, Molybdenum Crucibles,...
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