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0.50 KG
by vacuum bag
3 day(s).

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Retaining its crystalline structure at temperatures up to its melting point,Rhenium is gray to black in powder form,silvery-white and lustrous as a solid,it does not occur naturally.Rhenium has one of the highest densities,exceeded only by platinium,iridium,and osmium.Only tungsten has higher melting points.Rhenium has good wear resistance and it can withstand arc corrosion. Rhenium 's range of valences exceeds that of all other elements.

Rhenium Powder

Purity 99.99%
Appearance pow
Color Grey - black
Density 21.02g/cm3
Melting point 3180 °C
Boiling point 5900°C
Inner Packing by vacuum bag
Outter Packing by vacuum bag,250g/bag, 1000g/bag,2000g/bag
Min trial order 250grams


1.Rhenium wire a for thin filaments

2.Because of its high density,it do not deform easily when struck and do not expand or contract to a significant degree when heated or cooled. So it used for Space Craft Thrusters
3.A commonly used thermocouple in high-temperature devices consists of a rhenium-tungsten ally that melts at 2,200 degrees Celsius.
4. For Electrical Contacts

5.Chemical Catalysts 6. rhenium powders get used for optical coatings and corrosion-resistant coatings for metal,etc.

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