Enamelled Copper Wire


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Product Details

Class B, F and H Polyesterimide/Polyamide-imide Enameled Copper Wire with Diameter 0.02mm to 2.6mm(SWG12-47), Adopting NEMA or JIS or GB(IEC) Standards.
Special Features:
1Round Type: Diameter range: 0.02 to 2.6mm (12-50SWG)
Rectangular Type: Size: 5mm2 to 150mm2.
2.Polyester/polyimide enamelled insulating aluminum round wire and Polyesterimide/polyamide-imide enamelled insulating aluminum round wire

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LP Industry (ZhengZhou) Co.,Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of Magnet Wires. Our products quality are appreciated ...
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