Copper Mould Tube(Plate)

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Product Details

Copper mould tube is placed in the heart position of continuous casting machine, its function is to solidify the liquid steel pouring through the Submerged entry nozzle, guaranteeing required billet/bloom with enough thicken shell to be obtained.

Types: Square & rectangular copper tube
Round copper tube
H type copper mould
Our supply scope:
Product 1: Square copper mould tube size: 80 x 80-450 x 450 Radius: 4000-16000 Thickness: 6-24 Length: 700-1000
With slot available Design with single taper, double Tapers triple tapers, quadplex tapers, continuous tapers(diamond)

Product 2: Rectangular copper mould 120 x 240-300 x 450

Product 3: Round copper mould tube, diameter: 120-800mm
Radius: 6000-16000 Thickness: 10-24 Length: 700-1000
Taper Design with double tapers, Multi-taper, Parabolic taper, Double Parabolic taper

Product 4: Mould assembly Mould assembly: 120 x 120, 260 x 300, 180 x 400, 60 x 300, 120 x 120, dia 270

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