Used Matrix Body Pdc Drill Bits

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Business Introduction

About the used drill bits project
please check the detail:

about the used drill bits project please check:
1,material: used matrix body PDC drill bits, used steel body PDC drill bits.
2,quality:all of the quality is ok for us.
3,sizes: all of the sizes is available
4,why we need the used drill bits : our company we need the material from the used drill bits then used the material to special steel.
5,How many we need: 2000 tons every year.
6, budget: more than 30 million dollars sec
ond half of 2022.

name:used matrix body pdc drill bits
quantity:100 tons every month.
quality: must be matrix body pdc, all of the situation is available.
sizes:all of the sizes is ok

Used matrix body pdc drill bits scrap from any source available with you

I need video for the material I will purchase
I mean details video or photos.

Please provide us with price per ton for 100 tons shipment will be to China tianjin port.

Mohammed ali
00968 95428296

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