Hebei Yogem Castings Co., Ltd

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Business Introduction

HEBEI YOGEM is a supplier of OEM castings.
The materials are mainly involved in grey iron/ductile iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, duplex/supper duplex, alloy steel, heat-resistant steel etc. We produce them by lost wax (silica gel; water glass), pre-coated sand and resin sand.
Over 95% of our products are exported to more than 15 countries, such as USA, Canada, European Union countries, Japan, Australia, South Korea and other countries.
Both raw castings and machining components can be
done in our work-shop.
Our products are widely used in the filed of pumps, valves, oil & gas, automotive, food machine, agriculture machine, construction and so on. Through many years improvements we have built a complete supply chain including foundries, machining facilities and inspection centre.

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