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Mn13 high manganese steel from Baosteel

Posted on 19-Aug-2019| new

Product Description
High manganese steel x120mn12 MN13 1.3401
1.Standard: EN,GB,ASTM,DIN

High manganese steel x120mn12 MN13 1.3401

Mn13(X120Mn12)is the best choice for resist-high impact ,the material of big stress in
wear resistance.The high manganese steel have two biggest features: one is external impact
more bigger ,the wear-resistance of appearance is more higher ; another is with the gradually
abrasion of densified laminated appearance, new densified laminated process is formed continually.

Mn13(X120Mn12)wroughtsteel plate have wonderful abrasion resistance of high impact abrasion
and big stress abrasion, when using it will not appear crash.It also has the excellence of easy for
cutting ,welding ,curving and other mechanical properties for process.The traditional used high
chrome forging only have the good wear-resistance of moving abrasion.
Mn13(X120Mn12 rolled plate is reduced the cost of useing for quick wear part of low equipment
and save the overhaul fee of equipment,so it improves the competition

Product Features
26-Aug-2019 06:36 AM
US $2,150.00 / MT
5000 KG
L/C, T/T
standard packing
5 day(s).

Product Photos
Mn13 high manganese steel from Baosteel0

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Shanghai Testeel Industry Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Testeel Industry Co.,Ltd is one of steel exporter and supplier in China. We are located in shanghai internatio...

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