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Ladle Pre-Heating Systems up to 300 ton capacity

Posted on 21-Feb-2011| 

Product Description
We are one of the leading manufacturer of Ladle Pre-Heating Systems up to 300 ton capacity. We have developed highly efficient REMSO-IIP Oil Burners and Ladle Heating Stations. These are operating in all the major industries in India We manufacture hydraulically or manually operated vertical ladle heating stations and trolley mounted horizontal ladle heating stations. These systems are provided with / without Recuperators.
Ladle heating for various applications:
Oil consumption 3.5 liters/ton of LML
Long & lazy flame leads to uniform heating across the Ladle length eliminating chances of any cold zone in the Ladle
RECUPERATIVE ladle preheating system guarantee low fuel consumption
CERAMIC FIBRE for the lining.
These systems can be energized by DO/LPG/HFO/COKE OVEN GAS/OXY FUEL
For more details contact [email protected], or visit remso.com

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Ladle Pre-Heating Systems up to 300 ton capacity0

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