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Copper Wire Scrap(Millberry)

Posted on 5-Jun-2018| 

Product Description
We are specialized in export and import all kinds of Ferrous &
Non-Ferrous scraps as well as prime materials with 20 overseas
executives for 18 years in the world market.
Especially we are shared and mandated to export Copper Scrap
to any country through 5 manufacturer in the world.
Regard to quality and shipment, we will guarantee best qualities
always, and are always ready to load the products in order to
make fast shipment according to buyer's schedules.
So if you have any questions for business terms and this products,
please feel free to contact with us in anytime.
We can supply Copper Wire Scrap as standard of Millberry as
the volumes 3,000mt monthly from yards who are our main
manufacturers in the world.
Regard to our product, we engage best quality of both 97% and
99% with very attractive price, fast delivery and best service for
our substantial customers.
If you have interests to import above mentioned Copper Scrap ,
please get in touch with us in anytime.Then we will provide full
information to you in a short time.
Thank you.

Product Features
500 MT
L/C, T/T, Cash
20' or 40' container
30 day(s).

Product Photos
Copper Wire Scrap(Millberry)0

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Business Details

Manufacturing & Trading Company

We, CNK International Corporation have much experiences to import and export all kinds of chemicals, Ferrous & Non Fer...

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