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Copper wire scrap

Posted on 10-Jan-2014| 

Product Description
Specifications: ≥99.9%, Non-alloy;
Color: Red & Clean;
Origin: China;
Trial order: 100 MT;
Quantity: 200 - 1000 MT per month;
Delivery Terms: CIF any European port;
Price: LME based formula;
Delivery Time: 25 – 35 days after LC;
Inspection: Admiral Inspection or CIQ or equivalent inspection on the loading;
Payment: Irrevocable and Non-Transferable DLC payable at sight;
Performance Bond: 2% for regular monthly shipments; no PB for trial order;
Duration of the contract: 12 months.

Business Procedure:
1. Buyer issues LOI;
2. Seller issues FCO; Buyer confirms it;
3. Contract to be signed and sealed;
4. POP is provided by Seller;
5. 100% Irrevocable and Non-Transferable DLC is issued by Buyer;
6. 1st Quality Check at Stock;
7. 2nd Quality & Quantity Check while loading by Independent Inspection Agency;
8. Loading & Delivery on CIF basis;
9. Payment is released.

Product Features
100 MT
30 day(s).

Product Photos
Copper wire scrap0

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Business Details

Stone Steel Limited

Stone Steel Limited is global trading company which broadens your abilities on the international trade markets. Our main...

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