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Automatic Chain Link Weaver/ Chain Link Machine

Posted on 11-May-2019| 

Product Description
FINAL PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS (Wire fabric/ Chain Link Mesh Parameters):
✅ Cell Size: 25×25 mm – 90×90 mm (1×1 in – 3.5×3.5 in)
✅ Optional Cell Size: 10×10 mm – 100×100 mm
✅ Galvanized & Black Wire Ø: 1.6 mm – 4.2 mm (16 gauge – 8 gauge)
✅ PVC Coated Wire Ø: 2 mm – 5 mm (14 gauge – 6 gauge)
✅ Wire fencing capacity (speed) : 260m2 / hour – (2800sqft/hr)
✅ Fence Height: Min. 0.2 m (8in) – Max. 6.2 m (20ft)
✅ Fence Length: Up to 30 m (100ft)

✅ Productivity/ Weaving capacity is 260 m2 per hour (2800ft2/hr)
✅ 4 Take-Up models. (Normal, Combi, Partially Compact, Compact)
✅ Servo & Motion Control System: Siemens Germany

✔️✔️ Robust design for continuous 24hr operation.

Product Features
US $100,000.00 / KG
1 KG
120 day(s).

Product Photos
Automatic Chain Link Weaver/ Chain Link Machine0Automatic Chain Link Weaver/ Chain Link Machine1

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