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A/C, Fridge Compressor Scrap

Posted on 13-May-2019| 

Product Description
We have available large quantities of used fridge compressor scrap with the following features,


1. Starting device is starting relay
2. Frequency only for 50HZ
3. Voltage application from 220 to 240V
4. Small size
5. High efficiency
6. High reliability
7. Low sound
8. Light vibration
9. Use R134a refrigerant
10. R134a refrigerant system should strictly control the moisture, impurities, paraffin wax, such as silicone oil, and the content of chloride ion.
11. RSIR Motor
12. QM91H has passed CCC certification
13. H/MBP
14. Application in medium-large size refrigerator, freezer, cabinet, dehumidifier, liquor cabinet, etc.
15. Mainly used in commercial refrigeration
16. High cooling capacity under the different evap. Temp,

Product Features
50 MT

Product Photos
A/C, Fridge Compressor Scrap0

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Business Details

Ochsen Handels Gmbh

We are suppliers of all type of Scrap,looking for long term and serious buyers. For any serious and reliable Buyers shal...

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