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100w Heat Pipe LED Mining Light 13-May-2016

Country of Origin:   Henan (China)Delivery time::20Production capacity::10000 piece/pieces...

business Henan Tianyang Technology Co., Ltd.  products for sale Products for Sale (58)

aluminum ingot 99.97% 9-Apr-2015

Specifications Aluminum Ingot 99.7% 1.Aluminum ingot factory 2.Standard: GB/T 1196-20...

Price / Unit: USD 900.00/MT| Min. Order: 10.00/MT

business Chritopher  products for sale Products for Sale (18)

Aluminum Tread 6063 8-Apr-2019

Specification: Al: 99.7% Si: 0.2-0.6% Fe: 0.35% Cu: 0.1% Mn: 0.1% Mg: 0.45-0.9%...

Price / Unit: USD 300.00/MT| Min. Order: 27.00/MT

business Anna Asian Trading Co.,Ltd  products for sale Products for Sale (8)

hastelloy c276 retailer 3-Jul-2014

Tianjin Zhongyantiancheng Steel Co., Ltd sales of high nickel alloy products as: Hastello...

business Tianjin Zhongyantiancheng Steel Co., Ltd  products for sale Products for Sale (117)

Grey Iron Diesel Generator Frame 29-Apr-2016

Grey Iron Diesel Generator Frame,Website:http://www.jiabang-foundry.com,Diesel Generator C...

business Zhejiang Jiabang Machine Tool Co.,Ltd  products for sale Products for Sale (21)

silicon metal 2202 12-May-2014

Item No.:2202 Specification: Si>99.00%, Fe 0.20%MAX, Al 0.20%MAX, Ca 0.02%MAX Shape: Lum...

Min. Order: 20.00/MT

business Xiamen Zhong He Xun Silicon Industry Co.,Ltd  products for sale Products for Sale (6)

Taint/Tabor Mixed Low Copper Aluminium Clippings 18-Dec-2014

Taint/Tabor Mixed Low Copper Aluminium Clippings and Solids

Price / Unit: USD 2,020.00/MT| Min. Order: 1.00/MT

business Anand Metals Usa  products for sale Products for Sale (11)

Biomass Pellet Mill Ring Die 5-May-2016

Biomass Pellet Mill Ring Die,Website:http://www.china-kingwood.com,Spare Parts Of Biomass ...

business Jiangsu Jinwu Industrial Co.,Ltd  products for sale Products for Sale (39)

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