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Nanjing Xuanli Rigging Co., Ltd 

Country of OriginChina| Member Since 10-Apr-2014|


Business Introduction
Nanjing Xuanli Rigging Co., Ltd is the professional Chinese manufacturer of snatch rope, kinetic energy recovery rope, towing rope, 4wd snatch strap, offroad recovery strap, snatch um strap, tow strap, tow strop, recovery strop, 4x4 recovery strap, nylon snatch strap, round sling, flat webbing sling, endless webbing sling, one way sling, round sling with double sleeve, slackline gibbon, custom made slackline, slackline 2t 15m, slackline 3t 15m, slackline 4T 15m, highline,trickline, jumpline, beginner line.
Contact: Julie
Company: Nanjing Xuanli Rigging Co., Ltd.
Add: No.106 Xiaoshan Rd, Luhe district,
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Postal code:210048
Website: http://www.xuanlirigging.com
E-mail: [email protected]
Main line: 0086-25-57726400
Online Skype: julie.wen24

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